Case Study #01


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Take one very talented restoration artist, merge him in with some well planned and very creative web marketing and what do you get? Chris ``the Doc`` Ingrassia - The Doctor of Mustang Restoration. The Doc didn't need me to be successful; he already had an incredible local following, but he wanted more. First we used a whole lot of YouTube, then we sprinkled in a good amount of custom, targeted websites and threw in a smattering of Social Media to round out the package and before one could burn out a Shelby, The Doc was getting semis of cars from all over the world. Oh, and there WAS that 30 minute Web Show Operation Mustang, and the rest is history. A very exiting project, working with a fantastic individual. Posting the entire case study here soon, so please come back and read if you are interested in how to take your, already successful business, to an astronomical level.


Case Study #02


How MEAN can a coffee bean really BE?!?

A huge and extremely fun project which really allowed me to push the envelope WAY open! Not only is a user able to purchase some fantastic coffee blends, but they can create their OWN blends, design their OWN label online and then just site back and wait for their custom coffee blend to be shipped directly down their throats. I am posting the detailed case study for this job soon, so come back and see how involved, and successful this project was!


Case Study #03

The Web LOVES Sarasota!

Use the Web to Dominate a GeoNiche

How does one use the web to dominate a specific geographic area WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars annually on pay per click programs like AdWords and the like? Create a media site empire and totally dilute that market with your own branding. Huh? I'm in the process of posting the full details of this extraordinary project now. Want to learn how to dominate your area? Come back soon and see how this was achieved in a not so sleepy town known as Sarasota (FL).



What Makes ZOOM! Different?

1. Look First.. THEN Build

Here at ZOOM! we are all about comfort and security. We have learned it is better to secure the design of the new site with you FIRST, then, once you approve the “look”, we start constructing the site around it. For some
reason, that’s not how other designers work. We never understood this.

2. Its No fun unless you can watch

At ZOOM! we don’t like working behind closed doors. For that reason, we construct your entire site right in front of you, on our development servers. You will continually be able to follow your site’s progress and feel comfortable in the fact our creative juices are always flowing.

3. You should own what you Pay for

Ironically, just because you pay for your new site, doesn’t mean its yours.Many designers intentionally keep copyrights on your site’s custom images “just in case”. At ZOOM! there will be no “just in case” Upon final
payment, we sign all copyrights and ownership over to you. You paid for the site. You need total ownership.

4. Its like having ZOOM! sitting next to you

Upon completion of your site, we record custom videos showing exactly how to harness your newly given power; administering your own site. We upload your videos to our YouTube account and send you links. You are now able to learn how to use your site, at your own pace. Any time, Any where.

5. We want YOU to easily control EVERYTHING

In this day and age, you need to be able to administer every aspect of your site. No one need be held hostage by a designer. Here at ZOOM! we make sure you have full Administrative ability to securely log into our custom designed Admin area and make all updates yourself. As it should be.

6. We EARN our pay

Don’t Ever pay a designer full amount up front. At ZOOM! you pay the
industry standard of 50% down. We’ll complete your site, as agreed. Only
upon your inspection and approval, the balance then becomes due.

7. FREE support when you need it

We will never charge you a monthly “Maintenance” fee. At ZOOM! we feel you deserve Free support just by being a client of our. Novel idea, isn’t it?

8. We WANT to pay YOU

We appreciate referrals so much ZOOM will pay you a referral fee for every individual or business you refer. As long as they contract and we complete their site, you get paid!

9. Log into The Lounge to get Updates, Tips & Tricks

Every ZOOMLounge client gets their own individual password protected access into the Lounge. Here they will see documents, videos and all sorts of promotional info.

Everyone Needs a Unique Look

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WHY HAVE AN APP DEVELOPED? Apps are a Fantastic way to not only reach an entirely different market, but to drive traffic to your existing website. And, contrary to what you may have heard, they do NOT have to be expensive.

more Customer value

A business is all about reciprocation and it is must to nail down the best way to encourage more customers. If you want to increase the interaction of your customers with the business to promote sales, you should provide a level of value to the customers so that they don’t go anywhere else.

Customers don’t wait

Mobile apps provide a faster and easier alternative to web browsing.  The user needs to launch a web browser and enter the URL and wait for the site to load for accessing the business website. On the contrary, mobile apps are quick and take only a few seconds to launch.

Reduces cost

Mobile apps reduce the cost compared to instant messages and traditional advertising. Businesses are using apps to improve the processes and increase the level of accessibility their customers have. No doubt, mobile apps are the most valuable tools for today’s competitive business world.

increases engagement

The communications are secured and directed instantly to the messaging customers. Moreover, the mobile apps reduce the staff work. A majority of customers tend to use mobile apps as they allow them to connect with your business easily.

Enhances brand visibility

In today’s competitive world, mobile apps are the best tools to enhance visibility of your brand. The awareness and name of your brand will increase tremendously with a mobile app. In fact, it works like a billboard sign. If you have a mobile app with great looks and features, nothing can stop it from increasing your brand awareness.

social media platform

Today’s generation are obsessed with social media. Want to be a part of their obsession? Develop a mobile app. If your mobile app can be shared on social sites, they’ll be able to discuss your products or services. People spend a lot of time on social media. Apps – the future of social interaction.

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Step into The Lounge

Kick your shoes off and get comfortable. Hope you stay for a while.

Every one  desiring a well designed site, have  specific goals in mind. The website has to achieve something, or else its really of no use. Examples are having a site gather leads, facilitate online sales, brand (a person, event or product), or simply inform. No matter what the reason, a site has to look professional to gain user trust, be “light” to allow for quick loading and quickly and uniquely convey the specific message of that individual business, person or project. Thats where I come in.

20 years experience in web design and marketing has allowed me the knowledge of what works online, and what does not. I am now pleased to be able to work independently and help those convert their existing, non-working site into a successful one, or have one built from scratch all together, geared toward their online goals.

A website is a tool, among many online tools; albeit a very important one. The successful project will identify first what they are looking to achieve, then what “tools”, in addition to a well designed website, will be needed to help get them where they want to be. Examples of these “tools”? Social Media, Conventional Media advertising (press releases, display ads, etc..), Email Marketing, Vimeo/Youtube Video marketing, Google Adwords and Facebook Ad marketing, creating viral campaigns, Direct Mail, among others… Not ALL tools answer the needs of each business, but it takes experience to know which will work best for you, and which may just be a waste of your budget.

I enjoy what I do. I’m professional, and will stay with a project long after it is completed and launched. I am one of the few designers who will, not only get approval on a look, BEFORE construction starts, but develop your site online, so that you can see its progression during construction. I will also sign over ALL copyrights to custom images I create, to you. YOU need to own every part of your site. I’m here to help, but YOU need to be able to fully understand how to Administer your site and not be held prisoner by  any designer or developer.

Should you want to discuss a project, or just ask a question, I am happy to speak with you. Please feel free to email, text or call. Should you get the voicemail, please just leave a detailed message and I will get right back with you. Emails and texts go directly to my phone, and are usually the most immediate way to get in touch.


Looking for a few motivated, enthusiastic and disciplined individuals to assist area businesses by providing them our web design services, or a site redesign. We are a well-established group who have been providing excellent web design services for over 20 years. You will be representing a very talented group who will make you look very good to your clients.

The position requires the team member to approach area businesses, counsel them, solve whatever issue they are having and get them to sign a web design contract with us. That’s it. We do the rest, you move on to help the next business owner. Everyone also knows people, so right away you may be able to introduce us to a friend, associate or family member who needs an awesome site. Start earning money right away!

Position requires no web design work, although working knowledge of the Internet, eCommerce experience, and even web design, is a plus. This knowledge, however, is not required and will train the right individuals. Marketing material will be provided. We are laid back, but serious about providing excellent service to our clients. There is quite a bit of freedom given to those individuals who are disciplined enough to work on their own and meet with the team, for a lunch meeting, once a week.

Compensation is a healthy commission percentage of closed clients. More than any other web design firms are offering. This is ultimately a profitable full-time position, but disciplined individuals can create their own hours, as long as certain criteria are met.

A great opportunity for talented and hardworking and disciplined individuals who enjoy people, helping to solve problems and looking for a healthy side income.

Please respond to this posting with a little information about yourself, as well as a way to get a hold of you. We will then explain the position in more detail with you, and all are still interested then we will set an informal interview.

Look forward to speaking with you and seeing if you would be a good fit.

How Can We Help You Succeed?

It all starts with an idea, so let us know if you have one in mind, or need help working one up.


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